The production is placed in Cabiate, nearby the city of Meda: this area, well known in the world as Brianza, is where the Italian Design has had its most impressive development and most recognised results; the context is very favourable to the growth of the most famous furniture brands all over the world. Here, the real uniqueness is the commingling between the best artisan italian tradition and the most innovative technologies.

Our factory is a 5.000 square meters factory where, since two generations and more than 50 years, the culture of antiques craftsmanships and the spirit of innovation merge themselves to give life to our Collection.

Modern machinery, even if it is becoming more indispensable for every realization, remains to be tools to help us to cut a line straighter, a corner sharper, a surface smoother. They have in many ways inspired design and making, but they do not necessarily guarantee a desirable result despite the wide availability of such tools in every part of the world. Why?