2020 Collection at TOUR D’ERABLE

TOUR D’ERABLE is a private restaurant in a natural reserve, with four special rooms furnished with the 2020 collection of DIMENSIONE CHI WING LO. The restaurant opens at sunrise and closes at sunset in the months of February, May, August and November, serving a cuisine using fundamental ingredients such as the four seasons, architecture, interior, furniture, objects, lighting, tableware, cutlery, and cooking them together with simple food, as a way to rediscover and to celebrate the essential taste of life.


DIMENSIONE CHI WING LO® is a brand of furniture conceived and made in Italy under the close direction of architect Chi Wing Lo. His vigorous pursuits in design, fine craftsmanship and innovative use of materials have set new standard and expectation. His passion in furniture is a signature which is immediately recognizable.

Craftsmanship 2.0

Since the founding of the boarding school for nourishing craftsmen at the Benedictine Convent in Meda, Brianza has flourished over the last two centuries from an agricultural livelihood to become a renowned center of Designed and Made in Italy, gathering the most innovative designers and skillful artisans to dedicate themselves to the art and beauty of furniture marking.


Coherent Inventive & Meticulous

The unique characteristics and ideological demands of DIMENSIONE CHI WING LO® become the driving force behind the realization of the collection. Coherent in idea, inventive in design, meticulous in craftsmanship, each piece of furniture is made of natural materials that have been crafted and engineered by the hands of accomplished artisans with the aid of the most advanced machinery, emphasizing the Extremewoodworking® of Maroni. The spirit of perfection and the drive for every possible refinement are evident in every corner and detail of the furniture.

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