FILI Bedding

Information & Dimensions

FILI 65016 two ultra-fine double-sided cotton pillow cases with a pair of removable mother of pearl buttons
For pillow size 800 x 500mm, one ultra-fine double-sided cotton sheet for 2000x2000mm king-sized mattress or 1800x2000mm queen-sized mattress

Sheet Dimensions [L x W] in mm: 2800 x 2300
Pillow case dimensions [L x W] in mm: 930 x 560

FILI 65116 ultra-fine double-sided cotton duvet with mother of pearl buttons
Stay-under-mattress flap to enhance tidiness, for king or queen size mattress.

Dimensions [L x W] in mm: 2800 x 2300

FILI 65216 fine cashmere blanket with border

Dimensions [L x W] in mm: 2400 x 1800